Blondelle 4-lane Manifold Central valve.

Blondelle 4-lane central valve manifold
  • Unique spindle valves, always tight without effort
  • Class 1, ‘A Lame Acier’, Ø 80 gauges
  • 4 lanes - Central Valve
  • All combinations of refrigerants possible
  • Dry, oil filled or pulse-free
  • Sight glass and hook
  • Available with or without the appropriate charging hoses
  • Supplied in a Blondelle plastic carrying case including: 3 charging hoses, red, yellow and blue; length 1,5 m with
    1/4’’ SAE fitting, optional ball valves and 1 yellow vacuum charging line, length 1 m with 3/8’’ fitting. For R410A
    High Resistance hoses with Teflon gaskets. Red and blue hoses are fitted with a 5/16’’ nut at the curved side.